My husband has been trying to show me how to use my camera in manual since I met him 8 years ago. I don’t know why, but having him teach me makes me feel silly and dumb, so I surprised myself by booking this for my sister and I. I am not interested in group tours with mixed ages, and wanted something more intimate and adult, so this was different in that it was completely personalized. She taught us ISO/shutter speed and F-Stop settings and gave us tips on composure of photographs as we walked through Colonial Park and the surrounding areas. I was bummed that my camera battery died towards the end, but really enjoy the pictures I took. I have never taken pictures of architecture before (my husband loves this type of photography, but I am usually a selfie or close up of faces only person), and am proud of the pictures my sister and I took. Britt was our guide, and she was funny, friendly, well-educated, charismatic and obviously passionate about educating all ages and types about photography. I wish her and Pablo well and hope they expand to San Francisco one day so I can take another tour.
— - Susan L - Winter'14 - SanFransico, CA
If you’re looking for another history tour that will point you in a direction to simply take a picture, this is not that tour. Pablo and Brit take their tours in another direction, an absolutely fantastic direction. Not only do they walk you through some of the most picturesque parts of Savannah, they also teach you how to capture great photos/art with your camera. From an iPhone to a DSLR, they show you how to get the best out of your camera,teaching with such grace and patience. Suffice it to say, I had a wonderful time on this tour and throughly enjoyed walking around with them. It felt like I was visiting friends that wanted to share the beatiful place they chose to live. Again, my favorite part of my trip. When I go back, I will probably do another tour with them to explore other parts of the city. To Pablo and Brit, Thank You so much :-)
— - Angelina S - Fall'12 - Destin, FL
My husband and I went on this walking photography tour and it really was a fun day. The tour guides were very friendly and engaging. They were extremely knowledgeable about photography and taught me a lot of things I didn’t know. I am a new photographer and the help & pointers they gave me really helped me a lot. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and saw a lot of sights. We walked around several squares and saw the sights and truly enjoyed ourselves. My husband has back problems and they did not mind slowing down to his speed when he had problems going very fast. It was a very good time and I would recommend this tour to anyone, especially anyone interested in photography, or just interested in making pictures of their trip!
— - Rebecca B - Spring'13
Pablo and Britt provided an informative and exciting tour of downtown Savannah. We took the squares tour they offered and got some great shots of beautiful downtown Savannah. As someone very new to photography they quickly gave me the confidence to shoot on Manual setting for the first time and provided professional perspectives on photos taken. Pablo and Britt were both upbeat and made this tour very exciting. We would recommend this tour to both tourists and locals alike.
— - Zach D - Winter'13 - Fort Lauderdale, FL
When you get just a totally positive review of a Photographic tour from “point and shoot” guy you know that Pablo and Britt provide a tour and experience that is something special. I only signed up for this tour because my girlfriend is an extremely serious DSLR photographer with a strong passion for photography. Of course, she loved every minute of our most enjoyable time with Pablo and Britt, and felt that she learned a tremendous amount that she could put to use; but, more surprising was that I learned a lot of techniques that I could use to take better photos even with my simple automatic camera. You have to love Pablo as he is so enthusiastic and energetic. We were constantly on the move and covered a tremendous amount of territory, but, they always took time the explain techniques and answer any questions. In the course of tour, we must have covered just about all of the Historic District, from one to the other.
— - Ron C - Summer'13 - Chicago, IL
I could easily echo many of the previous positive reviews about Pablo and Britt and their photography tour. First of all, they are very enthusiastic, easy-going, and knowledgeable which leads to the best kind of tour, one that is both FUN and educational. I really learned SO MUCH that I’m pretty much converted from an Auto or Aperture mode photographer to a predominantly Manual mode photographer. All in one day! And secondly, most of the photos turned out quite nice, or at least compared to my previous standards. :)

Altogether a great way to see Savannah, get a nice walk in, and take some great photos. I will definitely sign up again the next time I return to Savannah.

Thank you Pablo and Britt, and keep up the great work! I’ll definitely be reaching out for your input before my upcoming trip to the national parks in Utah.
— - Jason - Spring'13 - Atlanta, Ga
So my girlfriend booked a tour for us as a birthday present , and it turned out to be one of the best gifts I have ever gotten. I had no idea what to expect for myself going into this, however , I was very pleasantly surprised. If you want to experience Savannah from a true local perspective . I greatly recommend trying this out. I learned more in two hours , than a few semesters worth of college credit photo classes. Also, i can honestly say I made new friends out of it in Pablo and Britt.
Being an aspiring photographer that I am, Savannah has been a city I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. I’ve heard so much how beautiful and historic Savannah is , so I knew i would be able to get some great photographs to document my trip. I was extremely bummed when my digital camera conveniently stopped working right before we started. However, Pablo and Britt were nice enough to let me use of theirs for the duration of the tour. Which kind of amazed me, since theirs was of superior quality and worth probably 12 of my cameras. Not only did they go out of their way by trusting me with their equipment, They met with me later and put all of the photos I took that day on a compact disc so i could have copies of them.
This is not your average run-of-the mill tourist trap, These folks are true professionals and I guarantee you will be a better photographer after this tour! Even in far sub optimal shooting conditions I manged to get some pretty good shots!
— Connor M. - Fall'12 - Louisville, KY
We bought a Groupon (PREVIOUS DEAL) for the “Capturing Savannah Tour” and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I assumed that it would be a historical tour and they would stop and give us plenty of time to take pictures of different landmarks. But this was totally different than what I assumed. It was more of an educational experience. On this “tour” you learn how to take pictures. Real, photographer quality photos. You learn all about the camera and the settings that you need to capture various types of shots in different lighting.

This experience was absolutely perfect for us. I bought my husband a DSLR camera for Christmas but neither of us really took the time to learn how to shoot outside of the preset auto modes. We were shooting on manual in no time thanks to Pablo and Brittany. I had no idea that I would ever have the ability or knowledge to take great pictures.

Pablo and Brittany taught us a lot in the 90 minutes that we spent with them. In all honesty though we could have spent all day with them. They are super fun and personable - it was like hanging out with friends! And their knowledge of photography is great. Pablo has an amazing passion that is so obvious when you talk to him. Britany is great at encouraging to think outside of the box and “break the rules” once you know them. They are both great teachers and know how to explain the camera and techniques thoroughly. We just wish we could have spent more time learning from them!

If we are ever back in Savannah I would love to book another session with them to continue building our skills. If you want to learn how to take amazing pictures easily you cannot go wrong with this team.
— - Lisa B - Fall'12 - Atlanta, GA
I’ve often been disappointed trying to take photos on a regular Savannah tour. The tour guide keeps moving regardless if you are trying to capture a good shot. This tour was perfect AND it included hands on teaching by Pablo and Britt. We were part of a photography club with different levels of photographers and they were able to address the needs of everyone. Their patience and knowledge was amazing. It was a mobile classroom.
— - Hampton - Fall'12 -Bluffton, SC
I have been to Savannah at least a dozen times, maybe more. I have tons of photos from past trips but this tour was a great find. Pablo and Britt were such a fun couple. Not only did they take me to cool spots, they helped me capture the best of it. AND, to my surprise... I was able to do this all in manual mode (something that has always alluded me.) They made learning fun and informative. Instructing me on how to find the right setting but also letting me experiment on my own without constant supervision. It was like “Capturing Savannah” with friends on a photo walk. I highly recommend this ‘tour’ to all photographers no matter your skill level or experience.
— - Kathy R- Spring'13 - Indianapolis, IN
Took Pablo’s 3-hour private tour through the back alleys and squares of Savannah! I’m a pro photographer that has photographed Savannah numerous times, but wanted to see the city through a local’s lense! Pablo custom-designed this tour to include areas where I might capture images I missed on previous trips to Savannah, and found out-of-the-way places I’d never have found on my own. This tour would be perfect for everybody from the casual point-and-shooter to the professional!
— - Karyl W - Spring'13 - Champaign, IL
I’m a fairly serious amateur photographer. I was only in Savannah for a full day. I wanted to save a lot of time and get the best of the photo opportunities that Savannah had to offer. On the internet, I signed up for two of Brittany and Pablo’s tours. Both the tours and the tour leaders were outstanding. It would have taken me several days to discover all of the places and locations they presented to me in the morning and afternoon tours led by them. Both of them had the wonderful ability to not only present the best locations in Savannah at the best times of day, but to also respond to my individual interests in photographic subjects. All of this is presented with their genuine enthusiasm for photography and their ability to become immediate friends with their tour participants. I’m almost hesitant to mention this since I would plan to take more of their tours on any future visits to Savannah, but they don’t charge enough for the services they provide for tourists who want to learn more about photography while getting much better photos than they ever imagined and serious photographers. I’ve taken photographic tours in several other cities and the cost of those tours was considerably higher and provided much less “vision” and guidance than what Britt and Pablo contributed to my first, and hopefully not my last, visit to Savannah.
— - Jerry S - Fall'12 - San Diego, CA
Thank you Pablo and Brittany for a great afternoon of photography and history! We did not know what to expect out of this tour since we had never done anything like this before! From the moment we met Pablo and Brittany, we felt comfortable, and knew we were going to enjoy our afternoon. Pablo and Brittany are very knowlegeable about all aspects of photography. They took their time teaching us and explaining the different settings on our cameras. I am the “photographer” in the family, but now my husband may give me a “run for my money”! I will be looking forward to our next trip down to the Hilton Head/Savannah area so we can try a different tour, learn a little more about Savannah, and more about photography!
— - Susie S - Fall'12 - Odenton, Maryland
We had a great experience with Capturing Savannah. Pablo and Britt were both professional and highly knowledgeable. Pablo’s enthusiasm for great shots and beautiful scenery was infectious. It was exactly what we had signed up to do—practice photography with skilled photographers, meanwhile learning about the city. The history and stories added a lot of value and meaning to the quality of the shots. I highly recommend their tour and exploring the city through their lenses’.
— - Jennifer M - Fall'12 - Atlanta, Ga
Britt and Pablo were simply fantastic. My wife and I took two tours and they were on successive days. The frightening aspects of our cameras such as shutter speed, depth-of-field, and ISO became our tools as we learned about Savannah, how to take pictures in different lighting situations, understood that simplicity often holds much beauty, and the joy of experimenting in a very beautiful location. We’ve been to Savannah several times and even biked the city one time but we never got as close to it as we did with our hosts. A great value that will keep on giving.
— - Bob G - Fall'12 - Saint Augustine, Florida
The hubby and I took a tour with Pablo and Britt just before the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. I was the one interested in taking this tour since I am the one who loves photography. The hubby was just “along for the ride” with no camera in tow. Yet, they still managed to share some historical stories about the areas while still giving tons of photography advice.
Pablo and Britt are absolutely wonderful people. It felt more like I was hanging out with 2 very talented friends I had known forever. The reason this tour is so exceptional is because they are literally sharing the experience of capturing Savannah WITH you. Hence, the creative juices are literally flowing from everyone with cameras in tow. The wealth of information you will learn on this tour is something you can take home with you when you leave Savannah. I would take this tour again in a heartbeat and if I ever moved to Savannah I would simply be hanging out with them. :-)
— - Kiram J - Spring'13- Clermont, Ga