2014 Discover Photography's Moving Side and Proven Shutter Speeds for Dependable Results!

The secret to conquering motion and defeating blur when you don't need it is simple.  Determine if there are moving objects and what general speed they are going at.  For example, are you creating a photograph of a person talking on the phone at the corner of a busy intersection, with people walking, cars, and shops all creating multiple (dimensional) planes of motion. Or,  daisy's sitting in a forrest with no wind at all.  In both cases you have a critical decision involved in determining how you technically execute your pre-visualized concept. Take images exactly the way you want and never suffer from unwanted blur with this blog post!


Stoping Motion or Showing Motion.

Click to enlarge captioned images and discover photography's "moving" side!

Happy Shooting Y'all!

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2014 Seeking Symmetry and Finding Harmonious Balance!

2014 Image Concepts by using Environmental Components!