2014 Sacrifice Slumber for Profoundly Beautiful Photographs!

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I think all photography enthusiasts would agree that sunrise imagery is simply unique and breath-taking with the vivid morning colors. There's an amazing feeling when waking up in the dark, making a cup of coffee and heading outdoors to capture the first light and colors, then capturing life awaken once again. You won't find the dawn's vivid blues, purples, pinks and oranges at noon or two in the afternoon. The colors are different from starting light to ending light; therefore you won't experience the fresh colors. 

A photo tip: Make sure to bring a trusted tripod since you will be starting in a very low light situation. We always advise not to shoot handheld if your shutter speed is slower than 1/60. Remember, you're sacrificing beauty sleep for these compellingly images and it would be heartbreaking to come home to find your images blurred from motion. Mount your camera on its tripod and truly capture the profoundly and naturally saturated sky at its best. The image above had to use a tripod since the dark light was still present when we started. This is a great example of an image telling a story. Notice the only thing that splits the purple sky and water is the start of Savannah's busy port. It's always a plus to capture a seagull flying overhead, the last element to complete the image. 

©2014 Capturing Savannah_sunrise_2.26.14-1.jpg

Notice in the image above how the landscape was bathed in the warm glow of the rising sun. The golden fresh sunlight is magnifying Savannah City Hall's gold dome. Plan a morning when you can spend a few hours capturing dawn's beauty and I promise you'll love the images for many years! 

©2014 Capturing Savannah_sunrise_2.26.14-3.jpg

The contrast of blue sky, rising orange sun and red flag creates a beautiful image. A photo tip: Notice in the right corner of the image to the left there is an airplane for a finishing layer. Having your camera mounted on a tripod and focused on your subject, be patient and wait for a bird or airplane to finish off with. This last element helps break the negative space and keeps the viewers eye more engaged.


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