2014 Uncover "Ordinary" and Create Compelling Imagery!

We always tell our guests about the simplest and maybe best concept in creating an image, decide either a "detail" or a "story". In the image you're envisioning and trying to capture remind yourself to ask two simple questions, "do I want to show a sense of place, tell a story and show the scene I'm visiting" OR "do I want to show a beautiful detail, something that many might look at without ever really seeing". It depends on your personal taste or just what that particular subject calls for. Remember, photography is a form of art so create anything that makes you happy and satisfies your creative mind.. “Art Is An Opinion. You Have It And It’s Never Wrong.”

©2014 Capturing Savannah_Coln.Walk_stone.2.jpg

Notice the image on the left-side  that has created more of a story by showing the cemetery environment. Using DOF (depth of field) we're able to show a glimpse of the above ground brick burial for the captain to the right, the old stone that has the information about him, all the greenery growing to the left, and then finishing with the infamous Colonial Cemetery wall in the background.

We recommend taking BOTH concepts, the environmental image showing where you're visiting and a detail of something unique from the same environment. Looking at the above image you can't read the chiseled letter as well into the stone marker for the captain. Notice the image below is showing a detail of the old English writing that has been engraved. The word that makes the subject is "refpected" which actually is "respected". This burial site is date to December 1790 and is perfectly and amazingly eligible! 

©2014 Capturing Savannah_Coln.Walk_stone.1.jpg

Always keep in mind to not only look at the environment that you're in but really discover the hidden gems and beautiful details. We live in a digital era, no more film, so fire away and get all the possible shots that will make for compelling imagery! 

To discover hidden details or just some unique Savannah spots, contact us today to schedule your private photo walk with Capturing Savannah! Happy shooting y'all!!

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