2014 Enjoying the Essence of Spring!

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We had such a wonderful Spring weekend filled with tours and capturing Downtown Savannah! A very exciting time for us is always Springtime with all new, beautiful life that you see blooming again is great to photograph. It was great to walk with our guests this weekend and peek into the hidden gardens that were starting to bloom. In the image to the left, you can see an example of just a glimpse of a hidden Savannah garden with their birdhouse. 

In the image below notice how we have our friend Lisa be a starting element or layer in the bottom of the left images frame. She is actually leading your eye to the actual subject, the pink spring flowers next to a beautiful Savannah Antebellum home. The image on the left is a "story" of our afternoon photo walk and the right image is a detail of just the flowers. Approaching a location always remember to ask yourself "do I want to show a since of place, a story or just show a detail of my subject". Trust us, CAPTURE BOTH ways! 

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A few photo tips: Once you have decided if your image will be a "story" or a "detail" concept, pick a background that will work with your subject, not distract. Notice the image to the left, by using a low aperture and just focusing on the flower, the background has now become a palette of light and color and is very pleasing to the eye. 

Look at the pink flower petals in the left image,  notice how you can see the veins. This is easily achieved by just standing behind the flower with the sun in front of you, creating "backlight". For vegetation this lighting is the best way to capture a beautiful bloomed flower showing more than just the petal form but the whole ins and outs of the petal. Cloudy days can offer so much so don't underestimate the wonderful power of soft, even light defused by the clouds. 

For a wonderful Spring photo walk in Downtown Savannah, contact Capturing Savannah today! Thanks again to our guests this weekend, it's a lot of fun to walk around and show LOCALS how to capture the perfect image! 

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