2014 Achieve an unique yet simply stunning image after it rains!

Too often we hear many say they never venture out for photos if there's a little rain or even right after it rains! And we say "WHAT, WHY NOT!?!? We run tours on sprinkling rainy days!!!"

Anyone can go out in the beautiful sunshine and come back with an image they'll be pleased with. BUT they're really missing out on how just a little rain can make your image go from  "blah" to "wow, amazing"!  ALL car commercials wet the streets and sidewalks prior to shooting in their ads because the wetness on the road /sidewalk shows more detail and highlights. (you'll never watch a car ad the same!) Remember, the wet and rain brings out and pops details that couldn't be seen with plain, blasting sunshine. Like mom said, "Rain won't make you melt"! Go out during a sprinkle or after a great rain and capture images that others would literally walk over! 

©2014 Capturing Savannah_reflections-2.21.14-1.jpg

Notice the two ways of capturing this unique reflective angle. The above image shows more of the amazing architecture with a hint of the brick street and the below image puts more emphases on the leading, wet bricks that will draw the viewer into the subject. Both are great ways, do what professionals  do and capture both concepts! What you might like today may be different in two years. 

©2014 Capturing Savannah_reflections-2.21.14-2.jpg

A little tip:  get lower and closer to the puddle and your subject will become larger and in-full rather than standing above the puddle. Remember always to leave a hint of beautiful brick road, like in above image, to ensure the viewer of your view and talents! Happy shooting y'all!! 

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