2014 COMPELLING COMPOSURE!! Easy How-To's from Capturing Savannah!

Composure simply means "serene, self-controlled state of mind, calmness and tranquillity". Which is why photographers strive for the perfect composure, the ultimate "beauty" that drives a reactive emotion. 


Instead of asking yourself "what will make up my perfect composure", ask "What distracts in my composed frame". This simple question will be a huge help with composing your images! 


Composition is key in triggering your views eye. You want to have them look longer than 2 seconds on your image, right?!  


In the above image, there were people walking on the sidewalk to our left. By simply composing less sidewalk the distracting people were eliminated. You have just the calm, beauty of the iron work to keep your eye engaged.


Using the environmental elements, such as tree branches, showed in above and left image, is a great way to compose a pleasing and 'aw' image. Try leading from one corner to another, see in left image the tree starts in top-right corner and leads through to the bottom-left corner. Lead your viewers eye around the whole image! 


For further help with composing your 'aw' images, join us for a tour!! We would love to show you the hands-on way to capture great images! 

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