Our Mission

To capture a mix of intentionally prolific, landscape and detail-oriented photographs of Savannah. Spring-boarding any-level photographer to their highest creative potential.

Our Guarantee

No one will have a more complete set of images that actually personify its vistas than your walk with Capturing Savannah on any given day.

[Pablo and Britt] gave me some great tips so that I can take great photos more quickly without sacrificing quality. They were both friendly, supportive and fun to spend time with. If you’re trying to decide whether to take this tour, don’t hesitate. This is a unique way to see a beautiful city and you’ll come home with great memories, gorgeous photographs and new skills.
— Rona WI - Tripadvisor.com - Spring '14

A Surefire Method!

The key to instant-learning and life-long skills, is how Pablo and Britt mimic their education by methodically showing you key camera functions as they guide you through a simple hands-on build up of carefully explained components.  Adding loads of encouragement and patience, Pablo and Britt walk you through Savannah uncovering the streets and parks in a whole new eye and introduce new tips and techniques at a perfect pace.

Lifelong Skills AND Images!

By finding out your exact needs, they orchestrate techniques that help you slow down, and break down busy scenes into beautifully dramatic photographs. You'll never forget what you learned. Focusing on a wide range of unique photographs, Pablo and Britt will guide you to a perfect balance of Savannah images for lifelong enjoyment. They'll open up your creative juices and inspire you to find new ways of looking at the world.