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Welcome to Savannah Georgia!

The Multiple Experience Advantage

Touring, or taking multiple photo workshops creates the advantage of covering 2+ different routes and zones; making your images as a set comprehensive and memorable; between newer, and oldest historic Savannah. Showing the residential post civil war area with highly accented homes in iron work,terra-cotta and many more façades including the SQUARES/parks with huge trees and great landscaping; will contrast amazingly with the ‘Classical Savannah route or “The River Area for early and colonial Savannah, essentially giving you 2 narratives of two different time periods and an in-depth comparative understanding of Savannah. 

The Photo Bug: Photography enthusiast or professional looking to learn more skills, get taken to amazing angles or take images of Savannah for a certain purpose. Mirrorless, DSLR, or any camera user with dials to adjust F-STOP and SHUTTER SPEED. Ages 7 up, looking to learn Manual, improve on knowledge and or simply get guided by a local pro photographer.

The Walker: The inquisitive traveller not interested in learning more about photography, but interested in History and local happenings, loves great sights, and eager to learn about Savannah’s past along with seeing off-the-beaten-path areas. Walker tickets are only sold if bought as the companion to a “Photo Bug"


Historical Tours & Photo Workshops

tours and workshops to please all interests • focusing on a historical route and narrative • CUSTOMIZED photography topics • great for couples and visitors short on time • easily request complete technique or history

PERSONALIZED CUSTOMIZATION is our joy we offer to you! If booking more than 1 experience, please note what routes you would like to cover at checkout by browsing from the “Locations/Modules” link in the site’s main menu.

The 2Hr Lesson and The 3hr ‘Photo and History Tour’ are good for learning and having the history be the subject, enabling any loved-one or friend to enjoy the experience. On the“2hour Lesson” we follow the same route as the 3Hr Experience. We go much further on the 3hr route. We’ll talk new photo technique and subjects will rage from history to culture to restaurant suggestions as we go along! 

The Cell Phone and Sightseeing tour/experiences are for great pictures, memories and discovery of Savannah. You’ll be led by local architectural photographers on a non-traditional route revealing the best scenic angles and perspectives the Landmark Historic District has to offer. Avoiding the traditional routes, you’ll love the mix of residential hidden masterpieces and the old colonial and river areas.

4-5HR Private Tour and/or Workshop "Dive Deeper into..." YOU PICK THE TIME
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$90 Participant After 3:
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to finalize booking: make sure you select your prefered date from the dropdown menu at checkout.

The 4-5hr “Private Custom Tour and/or Workshop” DIVE DEEPER INTO…experience is for having your space and the attention of the guide completely to yourself. Immerse yourself in conceptul, technical artistic approaches to sightseeing, all while exploring beyond your imagination! Or as a pro, you may need the location scouting knowledge we carry with over 8 years as pros working full time!

Who takes a Private Custom Experience? AMATEURS and PROS, looking for efficient exploration and or/learning in a contained setting! Sometimes your intent may be for specific shots, or a pace you set while looking to cover longer distances. Novices look to have the boot camp of their lives in photography; getting pushed to a new level being fully proficient in “M” by the end !

You’ll definitely be moving in all our tours; moving about 5 to 25 blocks. We’ll sometimes stay still for up to 15 minutes as we get into camera settings, introducing the range of offerings the camera gives. Our goal is to push you to use camera to its fullest. 

2HR Photography Lesson / Workshop / Crash Course — TU•TH•SA @ 4pm
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walk along:
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3HR Primetime 'History & Photo' Walking Tour & Workshop — 7x/wk @ 8:30am — MO•WE•FR•SU @ 4:30pm
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WALKER (history seeker):
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