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Savannah georgia

They are educators. They are entertainers. They are professional photographers. This is time & money well spent.
— Stephen M - Trip Advisor

Five year CONSECUTIVE winner!

This is a photography experience!

HISTORICAL PHOTO TOURS are our specialty. 

• Visit rarely seen places

• Look to cover Savannah in an efficient amount of time as a
    professional or advanced amateur

• All personalities and learning abilities welcomed

• Empower your photography skills

• Tours are custom-tailored to all levels

• Pay attention to details hardly ever pointed out in other tours

• Open to ages 8 and older

• Learn everything you need to know about your camera

• All our tours offer one-on-one attention

I learned more about photography in three hours than I have learned the entire 63 years of my life. I was shooting in manual mode almost instantly and was taking pictures I would not even thought of attempting prior to my experience!
— Trip Advisor-Jun16—TChambers

You can always purchase an additional hour to compliment your tour for distance or more time to work on your photo needs.  

Click here for detailed information on tours.  

It's your choice: make it a tour or a workshop!

Two kinds of experiences:

Premium Tours:
"Private Tours" & "Pristine Savannah"

• You set your own pace
• Tailored to your exact needs and wants
• Lots of hands on practice or your choice of conversation
• Includes handout and future support
• Sustained individual attention
• Ability to contact us and start times
• Extra attention to details you want to see

Public Tours:
"Photographer’s Delight" & "The Squares of Luxury"

• Set routes
• Predetermined itinerary
• Big picture concepts emphasized
• Pay attention to individual levels
• Hands on examples and practice
• Includes handout and future support
• Limited individual attention

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Two ways to book

a) ONLINE DIRECT - Descriptions and links are below. Find calendar button. Online direct booking fee applies.

Note: Not a discount, but calling your booking in reduces processing fee to avg. of $4.  

b). CALL 912-755 (8516) or (6719) Let us know what tour & days. Have us call you (or schedule a time) when convenient to you.



Use arrows — for more information. NOTE: Start times change with seasons and are all adjusted relative to the month.

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Hi y'all. We're Pablo and Britt, owners and operators at Capturing Savannah. We look forward to giving you a warm Savannah experience. We pay attention to the individual and love working with any interest; "photo bugs" (a photographer or cell phone shooter looking to improve photography or be taken to a professional set of high caliber images). And history seekers which we call "walkers" (a companion to a photo bug, generally interested in sightseeing and history with no interest in learning composition theory to manual)[History seekers can hire us on the Squares of Luxury Public Tour or a Private Tour and the tour becomes a historical narrative revealed through images from our cameras.] After all, we're more than just photographers; we're certified historians, experienced city guides… Read More.

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Pablo Salvador A.

World Explorer, Savannah Tour Guide, Architectural Photographer

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Brittany Ann N.

World Explorer, Savannah Tour Guide, Architectural Photographer

Capturing Savannah Photography Tours

Capture the real Savannah!


Customize - start times - locations we visit

on private tours — Contact us!

Pablo and Britt were both upbeat and made this tour very exciting. We would recommend this tour to both tourists and locals alike!
— Zach D,

2 Day Landscape Workshop/Safari — On the Atlantic Coast
Quick View
from 750.00

Experience the coast of Savannah Georgia and be taken to difficult to find coastal images.   Broken down into 4 sessions over 2 days

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all about you.

customized tours•cell phones encouraged•history/culture



Text for simple questions. Let us know to call at your convenience!