Picture Savannah® - Daily @ 8:30am / TU•TH•SA•SU @ 3:30pm (3Hrs)

Picture Savannah® - Daily @ 8:30am / TU•TH•SA•SU @ 3:30pm (3Hrs)

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Exciting historical narrative of Savannah’s many eras. Great for ALL INTERESTS, not just photo lovers! Sightseeing meets technical photo talk and covers historical topics upto why Savannah looks the way it does today.

  • Perfect for companions not interested in photography.

  • Talking all aspects photography with Savannah as the Subject.

  • One-on-one attention guaranteed.

  • Morning temperatures, awesome for Savannah’s hot standards!

  • Targeted, custom, photography learning or exploration for all levels.

  •  Focusing on working with MANUAL PHOTOGRAPHY but establishing history to take home better images.

  • Improve on current stumping blocks.   

WALKER (history seeker):
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We'll focus on a historical route and narrative while getting deep into photography. We’ll work on helping everyone improve cell phone or DSLR users' skills. Bottom line, any paying client gets custom information to please all interests! Don’t hesitate if you feel a family member will get bored, we are high energy, deep in our thoughts and can have the whole family engaged, we guarantee it!

We'll take the insiders route and show you areas and sights you may never have seen from the back alleys, hotels, to specific areas seen from unique angles.

We'll also focus on a critical thinking narrative about gentrification, and development. 

Photo talk will focus on MANUAL or if you already know all about your camera and photography we will challenge you with new ideas and concepts!