Is advance purchase required?

Tickets can be purchased with a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express online or by calling us directly for efficient service: 912.755.6719 or 912.755.8516

Is this tour okay for children?

Yes, we find that our tours are generally appropriate for children 8 years old and over. Please note that the ticket price is the same for all guests 8 years old and over. Well behaved children under 8 years old are welcome to come for free and do not need a ticket.

What is the difference between your walking tour and others?

Photography Walking Tours are about seeing the unseen and photographing the popular sites with a new visual perspective. The tours are structured to comprehensively cover all the landmarks and neighborhoods we know are in the tour books and are currently being explored. We slow down, find buildings, objects and vegetation in unique places, thus moving away from frequently visited areas and really showing the essence of Savannah to our clients.

Who takes a photography walking tour?

We generally get three types of people. There's the casual tourist looking to maximize their experience on a historical based tour, not looking for a photo lesson, just a comprehensive photo walk, and tips on what the main buttons on the camera are used for and what makes a good image. There's the professional or advanced amateur who wants to optimize their time in Savannah, and overall just wants to be guided, share in a good conversation of photography, and exchange tips. Last is the person who absolutely loves photography, has a good camera, but just needs a little help using it. With a simple hands-on approach, you will walk out transformed and ready to reach your creative potential. Great for the novice, current students, pros, moms looking to improve their photography of their kids, etc.

Why would I take a photography tour over another tour?

Savannah's main attraction today is its physical remains from its glorious rise as an agricultural-goods trade hot-spot in the 19th Century. Today, it is carefully and strictly preserved. Since there is so much to be seen, any other tour will most likely not have enough time to really spend in front of the vast array of beautiful subjects to photograph due to the "we have to move" nature. From cast-iron gates shaped with leaves, roses and orange trees, to massive Victorian style homes and buildings with multiple forms of architectural disciplines, to hidden gardens, and vegetation exploding from everywhere, this tour ensures you walk home with the best possible set of images any given person will see in a day, not to mention all the knowledge you will learn. You'll never see the world again as you did without having Captured Savannah.

Where do we meet? Can you meet us at our hotel?

We create easy to find, central, minimal foot traffic areas to meet. The exact designated meeting location for the tour you have chosen will be available after purchasing your ticket. Each location is chosen to be open and easy to find us.Please note we can only meet at a hotel within the historic district of Savannah. Please be advised the tour begins when we meet and in order to maximize our time together we do suggest meeting at our designated meeting location. If in the scenario where you will be late, let us know by calling us immediately and we can give you a new meeting point.

I like sightseeing and I'm not that into photography. Is this tour for me?

ABSOLUTELY! Anyone with any type of camera is encouraged to try something new and take this tour all about the visual world. The idea is to learn about your camera and Savannah through images. You will walk out learning news facts about Savannah's history and why it looks the way it does today, light behavior and improving images you take of your loved ones, etc.

Will there be other people on the tour?

Our tour limit is 12. We keep a small cap to ensure superior quality.  We connect with our clients like an old friend. Having larger numbers decreases retention levels and in turn we wouldn't be able to serve you as well as we strive!

Are photos included in the price of the tour?

Generally, our guests bring their own cameras. We can certainly take a few images of you and your guests at any area you wish during a regular tour. Ask your guide, they'll be more than glad to. They'll take their time!

How will we get around the city?

We will be walking from one location to another. Savannah is not too big, about 3/4 mile from West to East. It was also built in a grid-like system making it very easy to navigate. Savannah now offers an "Electric Bicycle: rental company and rents a bike for $35 for 3hours.  Cover the cost for a bike for Britt and Pablo, and purchase 1 private tour; they'll take you on an amazing, comprehensive tour of everything they cover on their 10 unique routes and more in 3 hours. Contact us to plan for this special tour!

Is this more of a historical or photographic tour?

Our tours are designed as sightseeing and educational tours in one fun experience. We are certified tour guides (with the City of Savannah) and believe that by knowing the context of what you are photographing, you can capture it even better, to its fullest potential. We always introduce you to what we arrive upon, the area, or interesting tidbits of famous personalities. However, our primary goal is to provide you with the best-there-is professional quality instruction and decisions as to where to optimally capture the best Savannah has to offer. If you would prefer to cover as many locations as possible, at a pace that is comfortable for you, we can certainly make it happen! Let your guide know!

Are the itineraries flexible?

We have set tour routes however they are meant to be flexible routes since the seasons, weather and the mere fact that photo opportunities are everywhere in the Historic District, we certainly don't move in simple patterns! If a tour is only filled by you, you can most certainly ask your guide to emphasize specific interests!

Are there restrooms along the tour route?

Yes! There are plenty of available restrooms along the tour route. If you should need to stop, let your guide know as soon as you can so that we can tweak the route a little to move to the closest one.

How much walking is involved?

at least 1/2 mile of walking. However, we emphasize slowing down and really enjoying the sites to be able to take a good picture when the urge calls for it. On Private Tours you are free to set the pace and gear the route towards your interests, thus sometimes we hardly walk if clients are trying to learn and need the time to experiment with similar subjects at a close distance, or recent surgeries and injuries might contain your walking time and we can certainly gear a comprehensive tour with plenty of slow walking and breaks implemented into the route. Local clients seem to want to move less and we can most certainly accommodate!

Can I stop to buy food or drinks along the way? What about souvenirs?

 Savannah has an "Open-Container Policy" allowing you to walk with alcoholic beverages freely on the streets. You can most certainly stop for a drink! However, we have found that our participants are usually eager to capture as many photos as possible during our time together. You can always visit local restaurants and any specific shops during the tour however we ask that you keep your visit brief since we are always eager to show you more! We will be happy to assist you in guiding you there during or after. We love to walk into antique shops. Some owners don't mind us taking pictures at all and we know which ones!

Is the tour wheelchair and/or stroller accessible?

This tour involves a good deal of walking, however we most certainly have run tours for disabled citizens and parents with small children. Hire us for a Private Tour and we can create custom routes ensuring we see everything we normally see, just using the adequate ramps and implementing a pace that suits you! To let us know about your specific situation, Contact us.

Will you act as a witness for a wedding ceremony or capture a surprise engagement?

Yes, we would be more than pleased to do so. However, the time spent at the City Clerk's office can be at least an hour. If you want us to act as a witness for your wedding or capture your engagement, we suggesting booking the 4 hour private tour option. The bonus of us as a Witness is you’ll have photographers there!

Do you offer gift certificates?

Sure! Gift certificates make a great gift for any special occasion. To inquire about purchasing a gift certificate, please click the "Contact CapturingSav" link on the top of this page.