Sights'n'Photos® — TU•TH•SA @ 1:00pm (2Hr)

Sights'n'Photos® — TU•TH•SA @ 1:00pm (2Hr)


Savannah Sightseeing and Photography Tour of Savannah taking great images with your cell/smart phone or any camera.

Learn history, discover fresh perspectives and enjoy Savannah at a slower pace. Great for large and small families, including couples and active cell phone users!

If you’re looking for a quick and/or economical option to see savannah then the pictures REALLY matter. Why buzz right by photo opportunities?

  • Trolley’s don’t pause allowing you to snap a GREAT image. 

  • Drivers follow a set route of “stops” and NEVER at photo opportunities. They’re almost robotic. 

  • We love what we do, your presence matters, we’ll try our hardest to connect, even if its just 2hrs with us!

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Interactive sightseeing using your Smart Phone’s camera.

Children 7 under free. We interact and inspire all ages 8 years + (you are not just another #; you mean the world to us!)

Fun for couples and solo travelers, great for the family!

  • Stunning Images and accurate history will be the focus.

  • Learn or improve on all the tricks and settings your phone gives you. If you’re already aware, we’ll customize our information by person.

  • One-on-one, personalized attention on sightseeing tours is our specialty.

  • We won’t follow trading routes looking at the same ‘ol monuments; they might just be in the background to your creativity, literally and figuratively!

  • We’ll touch on lighting fundamentals and composition to help your everyday images become timeless as you move forward!