2HR Historic Overview Photo-Experience Tour — MO•WE•FR•SU @ 12:30pm

2HR Historic Overview Photo-Experience Tour — MO•WE•FR•SU @ 12:30pm


A leisurely sightseeing walk, focusing on a historical intro to Savannah. Giving you the very best angles and images to take home as prized memories of Savannah! 

We’ll point out, details like cast iron fences, special homes and give you pointers on composition to take memorable images!

  • An “overview tour”, new perspectives to the old and famous sights.

  • A narrative on the timeline of why we see Savannah the way it looks today. 

  • We’ll emphasize significant sights, and point out unique perspectives for photos leading you to gems just you may love, in a very personalized public tour!

  • Great if you only have one day and one tour, you can take as many images as you want if theres something that you really love!

  • NO camera talk, NO manual talk or NO settings suggestion.YES, we do SHOW you composition, and how to make the best of any situation!

  • We’ll give you restaurant suggestions for any taste, and more comprehensive recommendations for sights to checkout.

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Historical sightseeing and overview following the eyes of a photographer and tour guide!

Children 12 under free.

Great for the family, excellent if you have limited time and want to learn the history but also take home great images!

  • Stunning Images and accurate history will be the focus.

  • Learn or improve on all the tricks and settings your phone gives you. If you’re already aware, we’ll customize our information by person.

  • One-on-one, personalized attention on sightseeing tours is our specialty.

  • We won’t follow trading routes looking at the same ‘ol monuments; they might just be in the background to your creativity, literally and figuratively!

  • We’ll touch on lighting fundamentals and composition to help your everyday images become timeless as you move forward!