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They are educators. They are entertainers. They are professional photographers. This is time & money well spent.
— Stephen M - Trip Advisor

Our private tours are our specialty due to our refined skill working closely with any type of personality, learning ability or disability, or age (kids ages 8 up are good for a tour with us, our high energy will keep them glued to us).  However, all our tours offer some one-on-one attention. The main difference between our "Private"/ "Pristine Savannah tours" and the public tours: "Photographer's Delight" and "The Squares of Luxury" is a set route and a predetermined itinerary with less details pointed and more big picture concepts, whereas the Private and Pristine tours offer sustained attention, detailed looks at homes and parks, and more information that is relevant to what you may want to discover, and the pace is set by you. If you want to cover distance we'll certainly cover within a mile to two miles on a Private Tour/Workshop or Pristine Savannah Tour (with sustained walking). Additionally you can always purchase an additional hour on all our tours. 

Our goal on our Public "Photographer's Delight or Squares of Luxury Tour" is to cover at least .5miles of ground and give a comprehensive historical perspective of why Savannah is the way it looks and behaves.

• On the Photographer's Delight tour we'll cover manual photography and the basics of your camera.

• On the Squares of Luxury tour, manual will not be covered and composition is emphasized along with history

One-one-one attention is always guaranteed on both our public and private tours. If there are other participants in the public tours, about 20% of the time we get groups between 2 and 5, we almost never have groups bigger than 5 (there are exceptions), one-on-one attention is kept at a minimum to emphasize a group experience where both photo bugs and history seekers/or both will enjoy their time.

All our tours are small and there would never be a ratio larger than 1 tour guide/workshop instructor to 4 clients on a public tour. If there are more than 5, both Pablo and Britt will be running the tour together to ensure one-on-one attention is still guaranteed. The most common client we host are both history seekers and photography enthusiasts. (see paragraph to the right for more important information).

Fantastic photo tour! Wish I would have done this the first day of our trip! Unique places to photograph and really cool ideas.
— Trip Advisor-Apr'17

On our Pristine and Private Tour, our goal is to cover .75miles or more and treat the tour as a walk with friends wanting to please exactly the way, or what you may want to learn, only, these new friends will have superior knowledge of Historic Savannah having taken a tour guide exam and the ability to see Savannah in fresh new ways, pointing and showing way more than on a public tour. In terms of experience, the pace will feel relaxed and you will not feel like it was normal tour, you'll be able to set your own pace and determine whether you want to really uncover one or the same area, in different angles, extracting all the history through images or have us take you on an exciting historical—photo experience.  

On a public tour, we stick to the photo-history balance set on the tour description at a set pace. If you don't mind people's personality unpredictabilities, younger kids sometimes, and sticking to a more generic route we recommend the public tours (groups are always small if you happen to have another client signed up). If complete attention, peace of mind, and a customized more detailed route interest you, the private tour is our recommendation.

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2 ways to book:

a) ONLINE DIRECT - Descriptions and links are below, find Calendar button.

Booking fees will be much less when called in, due to no 3rd party.

b). CALL 912.755 —(8516) or (6719) Let us know what tour & days. Have us call you (or schedule a time) when convenient to you.


Use arrows below — for more information. NOTE: Start times change with seasons and are all adjusted relative to the month.

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All about you.

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Hi y'all. We're Pablo and Britt, owners and operators at Capturing Savannah. We look forward to giving you a warm Savannah experience. We pay attention to the individual and love working with any interest; "photo bugs" (a photographer or cell phone shooter looking to improve photography or be taken to a professional set of high caliber images). And history seekers which we call "walkers" (a companion to a photo bug, generally interested in sightseeing and history with no interest in learning composition theory to manual)[History seekers can hire us on the Squares of Luxury Public Tour or a Private Tour and the tour becomes a historical narrative revealed through images from our cameras.] After all, we're more than just photographers; we're certified historians, experienced city guides… Read More.

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Pablo Salvador A.

World Explorer, Savannah Tour Guide, Architectural Photographer


Brittany Ann N.

World Explorer, Savannah Tour Guide, Architectural Photographer

Capturing Savannah Photography Tours

Capture the real Savannah!


Book a PRIVATE TOUR and indicate your destination from 3 destinations below. Default route on the Private Tour is the Squares of Luxury area. Private Tours can change start times, simply TEXT to let us know to call you.

Gaston Street and Forsyth Park Private Tour Capturing Savannah Photography Walking Tours, Photo Walk, Photo Experiences, Savannah Sightseeing, Savannah Walking Tours, Photography Workshops


Explore the wealthiest Victorian remains, from the red-brick streets to hidden gardens, stained glass, cast iron pieces of art, and statues all from Savannah's glory days in the 1860s to 1890s!

Capturing Savannah Photography Walking Tours, Photo Walk, Photo Experiences, Savannah Sightseeing, Savannah Walking Tours, Photography Workshops


The earliest settlers paint an eventful history ready to be be uncovered. Symbolism is photographed and explained, while the massive Magnolia, Crepe Myrtles and Palms make for glorious landscape imagery. Learn about the struggles of the earliest settlers and only few guides know where the Civil War defacing of tombstones are!



The early history of Savannah is explored and photographed with great depth. Essentially a 3 tiered system from the road to the river, from a massive historic wall, to British building blocks and cobblestones, early 3 to 5 storied buildings with decay and greenery everywhere. 


Capturing Savannah - Photography Walking Tours, Photo Workshops in Savannah Georiga, Photography Tours, Sightseeing Savannah, Savannah Private Tours

Want the best experience?

Pablo & Britt's presence can both be on a tour for an optimal tour or workshop. Make sure you contact them, and they'll create a custom tour starting at 4 hours and a max of 9 hours and can be split by morning and evening or in 2 days, or go straight with an hour lunch-photo-talk (we can have our Fav restaurant '1790 Inn' have an American Lunch ready for us) (we'll send you a lunch menu with plenty of options for all). For more information contact us here.  



Text for simple questions. Let us know to call at your convenience!

Pablo and Britt were both upbeat and made this tour very exciting. We would recommend this tour to both tourists and locals alike!
— Zach D, Tripadvisor.com